Gen 3 Pokemon Hunting




I’ll call it early, Roselia is the new Murkrow. Everywhere and useless.


I Lured up my favourite spot last night for 2hrs.
Not many Gen 3 came out but got 2 Poochyena there and one on the drive to the spot. iVed the new stuff for all of yesterday this afternoon and got this pleasant surprise.


These are the best mons i’ve Gotten so far, been lucky with both nests and the weather


You captured both Zangoose and Seviper? Zangoose isn’t available in Europe.


Spoofing, mon ami

As a side note, I have a 4100 Slaking, 2700 Gardevoir, 1800 Blaziken, 2100 Hariyama, and thats about it


@Yoshi i’m Currently in Azerbaijan, which is literally on the border between the regional spawns. I can catch all 4 Gen3 Regionals here, it’s nice. Funnily enough, the place i’m staying (Baku, the capital) has better spawns than London.


You have insane battle party! + i like Azerbaijan, since in Baku once for year, there’s F1 race held on streets od Baku, that moment when you can legally drive +300km/h on normal streets :joy:


I’ve seen the races (not in person sadly), it’s amazing no-one dies!


I also seen races only on TV, but maybe, one day you’ll be able to fly to Baku on may or june to see one!


Hopefully, but for now i’m just enjoying the place, and enjoying the architecture and the Pokémon here. Only got a week before I leave anyways.


Found this one litterally 10m from my house

(Also caught a wild hitmonchan as a side note; not exciting, but super rare)



You’re lucky and unlucky at the same time!


I collect the 0% just like 100%.
I’m happy with it as it’s evolution is only any good as a Gym filler pest like Blissey to deter immediate attack by low level players.
Unless I get a very good IV I having a feeling this might be the first one I evolve. I’m in no hurry so will just keep collecting candy.


Why would he lie about spoofing tho


Seriously?! Even if I was, Spoofing isn’t a crime, it’s a game with virtual monsters. Why should it matter who plays in what way?
I’m not going to argue with you anymore, if you believe that I Spoof, believe that.


The same reason a player can’t use his hands in football/soccer and can’t travel in basketball. Games have rules and are intended to be played a certain way. If you don’t follow the rules, you aren’t playing the same game as everyone else and therefore are cheating. If you want to spoof, I guess that’s your prerogative, but don’t expect me and others to believe you caught all 26 unowns by chance (seriously, do the math on this one) and just so happen to be in a region that has all four gen 3 regionals.

My other post was apparently flagged, so I guess I was somehow out of line even though the "official " stance of pogo hub is against spoofing, so I apologize for whatever I said out of line, but you’re not exactly being conspicuous.


But if he does spoof, he doesnt harm you in any way
But yeah, I guess you have to cry about something


Ok this topic is about gen 3 catches (just pls, don’t make me sad by posting groundon), so please, keep it related to topic @HeracrossVille