Gen 3 Pokemon Hunting



I caught treeco!!! My first gen 3 pokemon! And weather is here as well!!!


I can’t go out at this hour, but I have one in the radar


My first Gen 3 weeeeee


Loving the extra stardust on normal types in cloudy weather.


I have now 15 minutes a incense working, and nothing, not even a normal mon… something’s going wrong

Hah, just in this moment has appeared a Sentret…


Try restarting and see if that helps.


Thanks, but this was the first I tried


Never seen an incense so ruin like this one… first the Sentret, and at the end has appeared a Jigglypuff, and that’s it, nothing more…
Well, Gen III has to wait 'til tomorrow, today I can’t go on. Good luck to everybody.


Alright guys, the level 30 barruer has been broken for weather Pokemon!
If your Mon spawns thanks to the weather (has the wind circulating around him) he can be over level 30
The Clefairy that spawned (and ran, sadly) was 935CP, and a 100IV on level 30 has 930CP


Well, I guess you’ve got to start somewhere.


Who want a potential Makuhita?


I just caught this from weather system.

Level 34



Someone please let me know if you catch a Whiscash or see one.




I NEED these 2… lol fingers crossed on my -5° hunt


Put these on gyms, lets see if they get new friends from gen3 or will they be kicked out by old mons.


Took me 90 mins at my local nest


Seeing your catches, myones are pooooooor…