Gen 3 Pokemon Hunting



Just caught my 2nd weather boosted Rayquaza.


I haven’t had the chance to RAID it, I’m so unhappy. Hope you get it by the next try!!!


Many thanks, I will not stop until I have it or it disappears from the raids…


Not sure…I’ve never hatched it and only ever seen it in the wild the one time. When I saw the silhouette on the nearby, I didn’t even know what it was. It does seem useless to the meta, but still nice to have it in the dex


Awesome moment (combo ×7)


Well done on the 1mill Stardust As well


I just got this:

Got a lot to do


Congrats. I still need Ludicolo. Lotads are pretty rare here.


It is raining here all the time, but I pinapped all the Lotads I’ve caught


Got Ludicolo yesterday and spent 5 minutes watching him do the hula shake!
I haven’t got a Trapinch yet and it’s killing me


Got it 2 days ago and Aggron yesterday


me too!


I figure if I hatch 2 more Trapnich I’ll have enough candy for Flygon.




I’m still waiting for a better Beldum though. (90 IV or above)


I have one in 91%, but only 476CP, being in level 20. But I still don’t have enough candy. Here your only chance is hatching from eggs, in wild there’s nothing to find of them.


I’ve seen trapinch once on the nearby list, but that’s it. Hatched 2 trapinches so far


My friend had 9/9, all of them hatched, they are rare

As a side note, its “two Trapinch”, every Pokemon’s plural is the same as singular


yes sir…


I caught one Trapinch and haven’t seen any ‘Trapinch’ on the radar yet.

@Necrozmadabest are you sure it’s plural is Trapinch??