Gen 3 Pokemon Hunting



Caught the ice cast form…it was like 80F (27C), but the game had the weather as foggy. Whatever…I’ll take it


Snowy form Castform can spawn in fog


Got 4 of the Sunny Casforms in my work Office last night between 10pm and Midnight :roll_eyes:. Big CP’s but sadly not the IV’s to match.


For some reason Sunny seems to have higher CP


Got this for my 100th catch of Luvdisc, on Valentine’s Day, with 84% IV’s


100 lol i have caught 1


No shiny Swablu yet but I did get a shiny Luvdisc!


Makes up for my awful luck on luvdisc and swablu!


The only one I can’t find is Cacnea here🤣 (and Solrock & Torkoal) Still didn’t find many Numels and many Baltoys, but it comes


Update: almost finished gen 3…


I have 80…well I need to catch some Gen 3s


IV checker called GoIV offline


I’m up to 97 Hoenn Pokemon caught. Passed Johto which I only have 91 of.


I don’t care what anyone says this is the best thing I’ve ever done or seen regarding Gen3. Apparently costs 4400 candy, but I wasn’t counting😁

Across all of them I have every move combination available to Wailord


Lol, I got one wailord for the dex and don’t care if I ever see another wailmer.

I’m up to 104 Hoenn mons. I just recently added milotic, gardevoir and got my first trapinch. I also got lucky and found a chimecho near a hotel where I was staying

I’ve got metang and have a long way to go for metagross, I’ve got a long way for a salamence and a very long way to go for flygon and ludicolo

I could get some of them using rare candy, but where’s the fun in that? I just use that on legendaries


boosted too!


Is Chimecho considered a very rare Pokemon? I hatched two a while ago and thought nothing of it as it’s a fairly useless 10km hatch


I know, it was such a lucky catch! Slowly pumping some rare candies into it


I’m up to 99 Hoenn Pokemon in the Pokedex now. There is no way I’d evolve that many Wailords. There are so many other better Pokemon that I still need to evolve.


Another try to get Rayquaza, and again he runs away… this mon don’t like me