Gen 3 Pokemon Hunting



Got grey Castform, and 3 Swablus so far…


may be a rayquaza… getting one while i’m here in Germany is probably my only chance :stuck_out_tongue:


So far I have caught 3 of the 4 castform

In a matter of 6 hours yesterday I nearly completed everything that was dropped (My job requires me to drive a lot and my family and I do a lot of hunting) The only thing I have not completed is Altaria (400 to evolve and I have over 200 candies) and Salamence. I have not seen Tropius (guessing that he is regional). Still have not seen the questionable ones as listed here yet


First day of hunting during this even and I’ve already made more progress towards Altaria than I have Sailors


I went nuts and caught a bunch more of them today and even caught a 100%, now I have this (I also have

two Wailords with one being 100%)


How did you get that thing in the bottom left corner?


I got a shiny swablu on my 3rd or 4th encounter on Friday. How do I post a picture from my phone? I’d like to share it with you guys.

As far as new gen 3 I got a Swablu, Wingull, Illumise, Castform (rainy and normal), Minun (new for America at least), Surskit, and Taillow. Still need to find Chimecho, Bagon+ Evolutions, Beldum+ Evolutions and Volbeat (may take a month for it to switch to America). I’ll never get Tropius unless they move it here since I don’t cheat.

I still don’t have a Solrock, I saw it at a stop once that was about 25 minutes away if you jog/run, but it despawned a few minutes later. No idea why these are harder to find than Seviper or Zangoose.


Figured it out, my 1st shiny ever in Pokemon Go.




Really nice, oh, how I would like to find one…


Awesome moment (combo ×7)



I have more of every form, but this 2x2 shows them all


A close look to Rayquaza (For @JoshHack)


My latest evolutions


This is my latest, 135km walked as my buddy to get the candies


I still wait for the day I can evolve my 91%, level 30 vigoroth


was it a raquaza


Kyogre :label:


Had to post this somewhere because I’m so excited :joy:

My first legendary!


That’s great!