Gen 3 Pokemon Hunting



I finally got a lotad in rainy weather! In real life it was sunny but the game is messed up.


I’ve only caught 1 Lotad so far.


Nothing, all the day I haven’t seen any mon of the new 23… not talking about Lotad.
Only Snubulls, Pikachus and Doduos…


Here we have a part of the old riverbed where I can catch 5-10 Barboach allways I take a walk bythere…
It depends so much on the site, I wish you luck


I have enough barboach for a Whiscash, but waiting for another mass evolution to evolve to it. I went to a park the other day and got like 10 barboach.


I’ve only caught 3 Barboachs so far but I’ve seen a whole bunch of Whiscashs in gyms though.


Surely people have had more luck with the newly released Gen III mons… I’m on holidays on an island & have done these so far (including a 100% Aron which caught me by complete surprise as I was ordering a drink with my dinner!);


I have not been as lucky. I have caught 1 lunatone, 1 aron, and 7 of whismur and evolved 1 to loudred.


Wooow your lucky! You have lunatone! I dont have him or solrock





me too


You have good luck. Best gen 3 i have is a 100% iv nosepass i randomly got from an egg. No anorith yet lol I’ve seen them on nearby normally on my way home about a mile away with 1% on my phone :l


I only have like 5 of the new 23 so im not that lucky but i feel your pain


: One more to go for the Gold Hoenn badge. I have a Wailmer I can evolve but it’s a crappy CP & IVs are only 87% so holding out for better CP & IVs.


you are so lucky


Im nowhere near any of these lol. I have no lileep or anorith, i have 2 aron and one baltoy. I have a loudred. Lol

Also no cacnea


I had sunny weather yesterday still haven’t seen lileep. Anorith is hard to find. Trapinch is super rare. I’ll probably only get some of these if I go to the city or hatch one.


Trapinch I have catched 5 in a row, but after this not seen one more.
Same Lileep. 3 in a row, and nothing more…
Both types I found in our old riverbed, changed in a great park.