Gen 3 Pokemon Hunting



They’re still not common, but they’re a lot easier to find when it rains. In London (on average without rain) there’s 14 Lotad spawns a day. That’s ridiculously low for a massive city. When it rains there are 1000+ spawns.


London has a higher population than Scotland (where I live) and there’s quite a big size difference. In my town I have seen 2 lotad. One was caught, the other one miraculously escaped so fast that it turned the land into smoke. (The flee animation is so unrealistic lol)


Yesterday got my pokedex Mawile not shiny but 84%, Carvanha not great IVs, Lotad not great IVs, a few Wailmers best was 82% and Groudon!!! The Groudon is only 80% with Mudshot/Fire Blast, but I’m just happy to have it. I plan on powering it up just cause its my 1st legendary ever.


I still don’t have mawile. I have seen one raid but a good 0.4 mile walk and had <30 secs left…
If I average just over 50mph I could make it…


Mawile and absol don’t seem to appear too often. I’ve done one absol and two mawile. No shinies of course, but I would love to take a few more cracks at them. It seems odd that niantic would make the two most popular raids for their respective levels so hard to find. Seems like a good way to sell a few more passes.


In california none are one nearby list or spawn, even with rain.


Caught a lotad in rainy weather (well, Pokémon go thought it was raining anyway)

There were more on the nearby, but I wasn’t able to go and get them.


Awesome moment (combo ×7)

Whiscash, Hariyama: Direct captures
Crawdaunt: Obtained only by hatching eggs
Kyogre: One hit capture


I wish I could get legendary ;(


Oh, I would like a lot to have the first (it’s the evolution of Corpish, correct?) and the mayor of the Lotad-Family… both have no chance here in Valencia, no rain—


Out of these I only have zangoose and hariyama


I have the Blaziken, but if you don’t have at least one Lotad, as much as you walk, you can’t have the evolutions…


I was lucky to get a crawdaunt, I was visiting New York City and Central Park was a corphish nest


Same here. Have yet to find lotad or corphish


I’m over 1000 Wailmer Candy and still not 1 good one worthy of the evolution.
Last 2 days farming a nest on the bike and not 1 good one. Also up around 15 Raids and can’t crack an 87


My best Wailmer is a 93% with 798 CP, after 30 catches


I would trade you a 96 for a few hundred candies…wouldn’t that be nice


I still haven’t found that 90+IV after spending an hour each day in the park before work but I did catch a large CP at 89% and evolved it just to get it out of the way.


Finally a good IV one!!


Finally got a Barboach for the Pokedex. Caught 2 and pinap’d in case I don’t see too many in the future.