I’m looking for a way to have a kind of simple ‘database’ prepared to receive any kind of queries about Pokémon, stats and attacks from web/mobile/desktop-app
My idea was to find a method to convert the GAME_MASTER file to JSON (or another manageable format), is it possible to do this easily? Using this file would be easily upgradeable at any time.

Sorry for my English, I’m still learning.
Regards and thanks!


Hi, there is a guide here on GoHub. You can find proto files on github, although they were not updated for quite a while.


Yes, I have clear how to decompile the file by myself, great work with that tutorial. But in my case, I ask how to transform this txt file into JSON (or other format) readable programmatically. Thank you anyway for your help.


I’ve actually managed to manually convert it to JSON with regexes, but there isn’t a simple way yet