Futurism - What will happen after Articuno is no longer breakthrough reward?


Just wondering what will happen after Articuno is no longer the breakthrough reward. I think one of the legendary beasts will become the breakthrough reward and Celebi will become special research. There would also be field research related to the legendary beasts.


I really hope raikou Comes becouse i do not have it yet


Praying to Helix it will be the golems


Yeah, I would like to see the three dogs…


I need Suicune & Raikou, so I am expecting Entei first lol

Because this time, I only needed articuno


After that, hoping for golems, or Groudon/Kyogre/Rayquaza


I needed all birds all dogs and kyogre to complete legemdary


Wasnt Lugia the next one after the first 3 birds?


I think it’ll come in this way:
-Zapdos (atm)


I think they might put the golems between these two groups
Maybe even make major-legendary themed special quests, so that it doesnt take forever to get them


Have to agree with @Jormdeworm and everyone else on that. Seems like the most likely switch.


Seems odd they would do it before they are even raids considering half the point of it being the birds first was so that players who missed them the first time round could. Though would be cool to see a shake up, I’ve been a fan of the idea of random legendaries.

I think the most likely chance is that it will follow the order that they were released. Though I hope it does because ice found the current system a little boring and predictable. Maybe quicker rotations or something else


What I mean is that I just dont want the golems to be in raids
At least not for three months, I guess I could live with them lumped together for just one month


I think Entei will be next after Articuno.


I think is raikou after articuno


Lugia or entei/raikou/suicune probably. I would personally rather it be the golems, since I have entei and lugia (still need raikou and suicune)


Still need suicune :sob:


Not logia as it came back as a raid boss Andy I need all the dogs and kyogre to compleatle legendary after articuno


Yes, it’s also the only one I need from the Dogs. Then I have all 3


Why would you want golem,? I know it’s good but no one would like golem for a month.