Future special research tasks


With a lot of people being caught out on the “Evolve a Magikarp” task in quests, are you saving candies for anything else?

I currently have over 400 Swablu candies and hatched a 100% IV Swablu the other day, but now I’m afraid to evolve it :joy:

What do you think? Save Magikarp/Swablu/Wailmer candies for future quests?


Maybe for different Mythical Pokémon it’ll be a different 400 candy evolution


the full quest for Mew is known. No other evolves are required. This comes down to speculation of 3 things:

  • Will the next mythical pokemon have another evolve quest?
  • What pokemon will we need to evolve?
  • When will we get the next Mythical pokemon?

If the next one will take 3 months, i’d recon you can get another 400 candy for most pokemon. but we don’t know. In your case, was getting 400 swablu candy hard and how long do you think you’ll need to restock them? And how big is the chance it will be swablu?

My guess: it is safe to spend your 400 candy to evolve your 100% swablu.


Sorry should have put fort the next quest. For me, Swablu is fairly common so I wouldn’t worry about that, it’s Wailmer that would be a challenge. I’m at 350 candy for my first one, still need it for Pokedex. So was considering holding off on that one.


seeing Wailmer has been available for some time now, and you still need your first Wailord… I’d hold it off untill we know more about the special research for the next Mythical. Better safe then sorry in this case. A pokedex entry is just an entry in the end.

And following my own advice: I’ll be doing the same. I have a wailord for some time now, gathering candy for the 2nd (a 98% iv), but will wait with evolving untill i have more candy as backup. And wailmers are pretty good to get for me but still gonna wait.

Swablu are so common for me 1 have 900 candy right now…


Just save your candies special quests will return and bs you if you spam high needed candies. It’s a marathon not a sprint so you best teleport and not run.


Just wondering, when does the Magikarp task actually appear? I have three stamps but am 1/4 on Magikarp candies:grimacing:


Not in the stamps section, which are Field Research, but in the Special Research, on part 6/8. Right after you get those 10 dang ghosts, that is. >.<


If you’ve already got the Magikarp Candy for that Quest change your Buddy now to Wailmer as that’s only a 1km walk per Candy. If that happens to be required for a new Quest you’ve already done the work.


Thanks. I did mean sections.


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