Fun Fact: Magikarp Jump is based on the Japanese mobile game 'Survive! Mola mola!'


The company ‘Select Button’ is company behind “Magikarp Jump!” and the original “Survive! Mola mola!”. (That’s the first screen you see when you open the game.)

Some people regard the Mola Mola as a “useless” fish and one person previously ranted about it’s “worthless”. (Which you can find here:

The premise of the game is that you’re trying to raise a mola mola. However, the stupid, piece of s– fish dies to literally anything. Friend died and it’s stressed? Death. Water too cold? Death. Can’t swallow food? Death.

Magikarp Jump is basically the less frustrating child of this game. So if you think death by Pidgeotto is bad, it could be a lot worse.


My game just froze on the menue screen