Friendship status


By using a lucky egg


Got 6 of them. But timing is hard


Wow, 6???

I have 0 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


If I’m being honest it’s better to wait when you are Best Friends. It does cost some time, but It’ll award you quite more XP.


@MrHeineken88 I was opening your gift and it lagged so I quit :joy:


Used 3 already.


So you have three?

Or have you used three in the past? :thinking:


Pokémon Go had issues all day. Lagging, non clickable Pokémon, stops and gyms. Auto closing. So anoying.


Had 9, used 3, still got 6.


This always happens when they are testing a big new feature to a limited audience.


Just looked, still got 8.



BTW. Tomorrow we will be ultra friends @Pokemon


Tell me when to open you gift.

Sorry for the no send of gifts, I never get any.


Gift rate lowered. There is a thread about that, somewhere.


No, not that, it is because I only spin one stop a day.


Got 2 more today since I last posted. I have 9 now.


Ok :grin:


@MrHeineken88 I’ll open it in 7 hours but tell me when


@Pokemon It starts in 5 hours. Soon after the start i might be sleeping. I’ll send a PM if I’m sending/opening a gift :wink:


@Pokemon Still no lucky egg for you?