Friendship status


No, replying to the topic is a normal post


I guess she/he is referring to "Creating her/his own topic…

@amerlyn I cannot also remember how I manage to have been granted permission to have my very first topic created but you can try interacting with @discobot first, and follow it’s interactive discussions, you could also earn some badges in the process.

You could also explore the Community Guidelines here…

Regarding creating your own topic, if from the home page GO Hub Home Page, there’s a NEW TOPIC button with a + sign in the top right hand corner. You can click that, then a pop up window will appear in the lower left hand corner, where you will type your content. Just remember to select a proper Categories for your intended post where it could be place appropriately.


@amerlyn, do you see the “new topic” button at your “homepage” where you can see all the latest topic/post people here reply to?


Yess thank you !!!


Good to hear that… Enjoy!


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We just hit ultra friends. Nice!!


Me and @Jormdeworm too :grin:


1 more day for bestfriend @bobbyjack8 :sunglasses:


^^^ I just sent you gift. Open whenever you want tomorrow. I have no eggs.


Thank you @bobbyjack8 for the 200K xp


You are #71


lucky 7 and number 1, i can dig it.


These are the next 5 up for Best Friends. I see that 2 of them are frequent posters here…


We are 1 day from best friends.


Feel free to open whenever you want tomorrow. I have no eggs


When I send you gift tomorrow, open whenever you want. I have no eggs.


Aw that’s so nice of you


@Jormdeworm your my highest level friend


We best friends