Friends glitches


I have been trying to resolve an issue with friends accounts. The app is not recognizing any of the activity that I do with my real best friend. I have made no progress in our friendship on my app. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app and have been reporting this every day to niantic with no resolution they tell me to do another activity. The first time I did that I then traded. It didn’t register. It has been 5 days that I have been experiencing this issue and yesterday we exchanged gifts, battled a gym, won a raid just the two of us AND traded pokemon. I am no stronger a friend? Does anyone have suggestions? Are yo uh seeing same issue?


Im not sure how it works when trading/battling together, but it should update properly when you open a gift.
HOWEVER!!!, it only updates for the person that is the first on the new day to open the gift. So just make sure you open in at 00:00 and you should see the progress go up. Including the ones you seemingly missed.


yes i have this problem too, from the 1st day i am stuck with 1heart (good friend) with my brother , for him it is showing that we are already great friends ( 2hearts) but it is buggy for me, we are trying everything- trading,raiding,gift sending, nothing works. Its a huge problem which i hope niantic will RESOLVE.


Rob Bob or whatever you prefer being called. YOU MADE MY DAY! May shiny pokemon follow you wherever you go:smile: happy hunting.


I prefer Jedi Master Bob, but i settle for just Rob if thats a bit too much haha.
Glad i could help :slight_smile:


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