Friend gift limit


I don’t understand why Niantic would choose to put a limit on how many gifts we can hold in our inventory. It seems like a arbitrary number. With the potential of having around 200 friends, does Niantic expect us to grind for hours daily if trying to gift everyone on our list? Petition?


If you could receive 200 gifts a day you could catch Pokémon indefinitely. Niantic wants you to go out to play, explore and enjoy the world, not just sit in one spot and stare at your screen. 20 gifts probably equates to 150-200 items so it’s a if deal, it’s not like it ruins the experience getting but only getting 20 gifts.


I do agree the limit of 5 is annoyingly low. Especially with the mess your friends page is now. Cant sort on who you already gave gifts to and such.


Need to add friend search feature so you don’t gotta scroll so much.


Agreed. Friends Gifts already received. Friends Gifts given. Friend level descending order. This is exactly the point I was getting to. Its a great system and addition to the game. Just a couple obvious things after you have a few friends built up and working on their levels.


My friend system does not work my friendship only increases with @Cup and not even correctly. For example I trade and send gifts to people and frienship level does not increase.


You can only increase friend level once per day per friend. So with the system as is, you might try and raid with those you can’t gift each day or trade. Just about any activity increases friend level and as long as you do SOMETHING with a friend every day your level increases at the same rate.


My level never increases only with cup. It does not even increase at all even with all the effort I put in to increase it. I know that it is supposed to increase by a small sliver every day but It never increases.


Maybe it’s increasing slow. First gift was one whole point. After that it’s very small.


It is puzzling to think that you can only hold 5 gifts but can gift 20 people a day. It would be better to hold at least the daily gift limit. Given that you can only gift and receive a maximum of 20 gifts. It makes sense to play in your normal way and then send and receive all the gifts at one time. that would make managing friend gifts a lot easier for everyone.


I give the gifts out as I get them from Pokestops or gyms. I’m only about halfway to getting through my list of who has already given me a gift.


You can hold 5, but i think the limit for gifting is 100. unless they changed it.
And i think the limit for recieving is limitless, you just cant open more than 20.


Raiding with friends help to increase your levels. I am almost half full with several of my raid buddies


my current tactic is to raid and see who of my friends are there. Those friends won’t get a gift that day and i won’t open their gifts. after my last raid for the day i just YOLO send and open of those whom i haven’t seen that day.

With the item nerf from gifts they can (and should) increase daily limit IMO


I second and third that! Especially with the grief of trying to figure out who you have gifted and received a gift from. A search feature would have been easy to implement since it’s already present in the game. Also a lot of people have already maxed out their friends. Unless your community is active every day on PokemonGo, how do you interact with 200 ppl with 5 presents at a time and opening only 20 a day???


Maybe they’ll change it as the weeks go. I dislike the nerf but it’s almost better than the stuff i get from stops/gym(not gold)


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The real issue is that you can only trade once a day so who is it going to be with and which of the 19 other friends will be wondering why they got left out. My idea of trading is to help lower level players add to their decks. The bit that is the real spoiler though is that the trader has to be near by. Making friends in other countries a pointless exercise being ass all the gift eggs contain the same 4 Pokémon where ever you are


Your friend’s salary should be removed from storm winds and notify them that we need more gifts now please thank my boss thank you very much.


And you wonder why “people try to get rid of your notes”…

@1stp3t3r You can trade an infinite number of times a day. You can just only do 1 special trade (legendarys, new pokedex entrys). If you wanna trade away 20 Tyranitars to 20 different people on 1 day, you can do that as long as those people all already have a tyranitar registered in their pokedex.