Forum updated to 2.1.0 Discourse version


Howdy Hub forum dwellers!

I’ve just ran the massive 2.1.0 update for Discourse and updated the forum to the latest version. Not only that - the Forum is now running on an upgraded server, with 4 GB of ram, 2 cores and 60 GB of storage (up from 2 gb, 1 core, 30 gb).

Mods can now enjoy an updated admin dashboard, there’s a ton of search and perf optimizations and more. Enjoy everyone!

Change logs:


Yay!I like this!


This looks different




If you’re having any issues with the cache / UI, just do a hard reload : ctrl + f5


Oh… Now I get why I wasn’t able to log in.


Okay cool this actually looks much better


I think it looks ugly now


Looks fine to me. Good job with the upgrade.

1 thing tough: im on vacation at the moment so im using an old laptop instead of my normal PC. Everytime i try posting i get the message “400 Bad Request”. Not sure if its the laptop or the update… still works fine on mobile.


Try clearing your cache


Just did that. Just cleared everything in chrome (cache, cookies, browserhistory. Every other option) but it doesnt seem to help.

If im the only one with this problem im just gonna assume its something in this laptop.


No problems from this side, it was not even necesary to clean the caches. Seems to be really a local problem.


It looks good! And very neat

Same over here, i havent found any problems (so far)


Thank you @apavlinovic! This is very special!

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Do you like the new update?


It is laggggggggy


Yay gen 4 might be coming to Pokemon go next week @Mapman42 posted the link!


This forum page is all blank on my iPad, I think I need to update the browser, but need to figure out the password to App Store


Found a bug. Read count is way to high.


Yes there only exist 67k posts if I’m right.
Edit: 65.5k