[Fixed] No Weather (bug?)



When i loggedd on today i had no weather.
Has anyone else noticed this?


Same for me out in London, it appears to be a worldwide glitch


Yep gone here too.
No doubt some sort of bug that they are working on.

Just on that, Niantic’s PR is nothing short of pathetic.When changes happen with the game they rarely or don’t make any public pre announcements, they just release/change things and let the players just discover or have to mine game code to find out whats going on.
In today’s age where it’s so easy to get info out this is rather poor.


Yeah I encounter the glitch too. Here is the screenshot taken by my sister.

As said by @bagguille, every single game have bugs/glitches. We should forgive Niantic if the bugs/glitches don’t bother much.


Gone in my area. They are Probably updating it to be more accurate.


Wouldn’t it be funny if the mob Niantic are getting their weather link from have shadow banned them for taping into their weather code :grinning:


Weather is back in the game, stupid Ryhorn is frisky :confounded: jumping all over the the place with weater boosting.


Hey, @Yoshi, thanks for memorize it… :smiley:
Yeah, it’s imposible to do a program without them, we are too natural for a machine


That’s cool because I haven’t caught a wild rhyhorn since 12th september


Yep same here:frowning_face::frowning_face:


Doesn’t using a nanab berry on it stop its hyperactivity for one throw?


I could but it’s just a Rhyhorn so a great ball or 2 is nothing.
Why waste a Nanab, that’s 20 Star Dust I would be throwing away.