Fisherman Accolade


From 719 i have caught 84 Big Magikarp.

How are other people doing on this accolade?


I have caught 739 Magikarp and 124 big Magikarp.
Seems I have more luck on getting them than you.


Caught 1515 overall and 208 were big


Okay I’m feeling a little better now!

It’s not just me missing this medal


I only got 102 big Magicarp.


I think there are only a few people who have the Golden Fisherman Badge.


I’ve caught over 2100 and only recently did I get my gold badge. I’m currently at 345 big karp


I’m at 196 big karps of 1278 caught… still far away from gold for this


Completed quite a while ago now.


75/476 big Magikarp. They should be more common like tiny Rattata.


708 caught 110 Big






I only have 247 tiny Ratatas. I caught a lot more of those than Magicarp and don’t have that badge either.


Tiny Rat was the very last of the orgional medals to Gold and was only completed the same month Trading came in. I had heaps of friends that completed that one by Trading them and I had to do it the hard way still.


I never really paid attention as to whether my Magikarp or Ratata was big or little. Guess that might be why I still don’t have either badge.


Catch em all and it doesn’t matter :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



You live near water??