First Deoxys wave! (And some glitches too)


Did you get invited? Will you be able to attend on a weekday?


I got an invite (6 different gyms in our city so far) for 16:00 on tuesday. Im working 14:00 till 22:00 though so im probably not gonna be able to attend :frowning:


In city 2 hours away while I’m at school but that does not matter what ever time it is or even if it’s at weekend cuz it’s that far away. However my brother lives there and plays so will share it with him and hope he can do it


Looks like we weren’t able to wake up the dormant Ex raid gyms we recently found. We had done a raid with 8 accounts there, we told several people from our city and I know some of them also went there to do a raid, and we know that there ARE other players in that town as well…
but since we don’t live there (yet), we can’t go there all the time to raid… so nothing this time…

But good luck to all who got an invite! Looking forward to see the first Deoxys posted…



I had an invite… but then this.


I still haven’t gotten a pass because I still haven’t done a raid at an eligible gym.


Unexpectedly I received an invite for October 1st


All 4 accounts got 1,who will i invite then :sweat_smile:


Seen quite a few of the cancellation ones on our local discord.
They were for Ex Gyms that had an Egg on at the time the Pass was issued. Also gave today date and the time coincided with the Egg that was going to Hatch.
I got one for an unsuitable time so I wont be making it and you know what? I’m not even annoyed about it.
What is also strange is that I drove past the Gym I have the Ex Pass for on the way to work and it had a T2 Egg on it :scream:




Just got Deoxys, easy battle with even just 8 trainers, one used Steelix and another one used Rhydon, not effective at all, still beat it with about 100 seconds left.