Finding Regional Exclusives During Events


I’m planning a trip to Europe from June 22 to 30, which is the exact week after the rumored Fire/Ice event. It makes me nervous that Niantic will delay that event a week and making it exactly during my trip and thus making it even more difficult to find a Mr. Mime. Niantic is encouraging us to travel to catch them all, but it seems that the events make finding non-event pokemon much harder. It’s frustrating to think about. Even more frustrating that if it becomes so hard to find it will distract me too much from enjoying the trip. I doubt that’s what Niantic wants.

Has anyone experienced this misfortune? Any positive vibes that the regional exclusives will still be there? I know in my city Tauros was nowhere during type events.


Mr. Mime has always been pretty common even during events, at least in Finland. I can’t say for sure, but so far I’ve never heard of a European country where you couldn’t find one in a week.


I agree. They might not be as common as usual, but so far I’ve always managed to find at least one or two Mr. Mime during the events.


Niantic can’t afford to push a mediocre event to the last of week of June if they want to keep their quarterly schedule in tact, as time is running out for the gym rework.


Anyone know the rarity of Mr. Mime in Iceland? Will be there for 5 days in August and am hoping to catch a few


Heracross and corsola were still somewhat regular during the rock event…of course corsola is a rock, but I don’t think the event effected it at all. I might have seen a few less of those during the event, but definitely still around