Finding gible


I haven’t found an Unown yet (in any form) and it’s been around a lot longer than Gible. Nor a Carnivine. Considering Gible’s rarer than both of those, I’m just thinking of Gible as the Sasquatch of this game. (I’ll hear about it and see screenshots showing it, but may never encounter it, and increasingly don’t give a damn about it.)


I don’t have an Unown yet either but going to trade for one from someone who went to GoFest.


I don’t think Gible is rarer than Unown, as I have yet to find my first Unown but I have seen a Gible in Nearby once (pity I couldn’t get it…)


Like all psuedo-Legendary Dragon-type families, I’m sure that this is just as rare as Dratini and Bagon. I’m also suspecting that because those spawns have an identical rate, we’re more likely to see a Dratini or a Bagon instead of a Gible. It’s a waiting game, and lucky hatches are really the most “dependable” way.

I did find a third one, but it was during Slakoth Community Day and it spawned in an incensed PokeStop. I was shocked to see it.


Thought somebody here said it was maybe the rarest of the pokémon. Whatever. Not much use quibbling over the relative rarity of notoriously rare things without a reference. Kind of like arguing straight from memory whether an inverted biplane is rarer than a 1909 double-die.



:heart_eyes: Hell of a stamp there. Too bad you’re not its owner!

Too bad I’m not this penny’s owner, either:

I couldn’t argue relative rarity from memory when I couldn’t even remember the right year. It was the 1955 double-die, of which 20-24 thousand were made. I’d call that rare. The “inverted Jenny” stamp deserves to be called ultra-rare, as only 100 were made.

The rarest I have is only kind of rare: a 1909 S VDB penny, of which about 484 thousand were minted.


I don’t think it is rarer than Unown.


Cant be. There have been 2 gible spawns in Delft yesterday, and i have only seen 1 non-event unown spawn ever


I’ve never seen an Unown. I have seen (and caught) one Gible.


I’ve seen 2. One in a gym, the other was a spawn and then the game crashed… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Both were in the first month of playing. Never seen one since. Not even on the nearby list.

Not seen Gible either but seen so many people reporting catches.


I’m still trying to find more Need more Garchomp Candy I’m very thankful that someone traded me one


It should not be rarer, indeed.


I’ve got lucky and found both a Gible and Gabite in the same local park.
Its a sand park near the River, if that helps.

Got 1 set as my buddy to build candy incase I find a good IV guy or do a Lucky trade at some point and can evolve


I manged to pick up a small CP Random spotted in sighting the other week 91% 13atk. That’s easily the best of the 5 I’ve caught so far. The Wife picked up a 700cp dud %IV the other day on the Gotcha. Daughter hatched one from a 10k egg today and of course it has to be a useless IV below 80%.
I evolved that 91% only one step and that’s being thrown in my Berry Dump Gym now.


Still no Gible here


Haven’t seen one since Slakoth Community Day. Thankfully, I’ve been getting Rare Candy like crazy for my 98% Lucky one.