Finding Friends


I’m looking for two Pokémon go players. Their usernames are DiamondEdge and VapourCannon. I meed to add them again as I deleted them :cry:

I’m 99% sure I added them from this forum. A long shot I know. Anyone got any ideas? Pretty confident they’re in Japan?


Might not even be your fault… I had both of them as friends as well, and I got deleted by them some time ago as well. (Right after reaching ultra friends)

I took the codes from the megathread back then, I don’t think they are frequent forum users.


I made a rookie mistake of opening their gifts to become best friends and then deleted them… before even getting the xp :cry:


Try to enter this again…


Both invalid, thanks for digging them out though :pray:


You should NEVER delete your ‘‘best’’ friends. One day Niantic will add remote lucky trade and you will be sorry. Delete those who don’t open/send gifts for longer periods, weeks or months.