Finding Cubone


I just caught a Ditto for my son, so he just completed the 3rd stage. Now he has to get 5 Steel, 5 Electric, and earn 5 candies with his buddy. Good luck with that. Today was first time he played since Christmas.


day 20481931902929: still no cubone


Just keep trying. My encounter today was totally random. Hadn’t seen a Cubone since event ended.


Use 5 Razz Berries to help catch Pokémon will give Cubone encounter with possible shiny

Use an item to evolve a Pokémon will give Aerodactyl encounter with possible shiny


I can die in peace


Ha, I’m catching these like Rats and Pidgey atm


These are pretty good tasks, two of them could have potentially shiny encounters while the 3rd one gives you a rare Pokémon


The Win 5 Gym battles gives me the Aerodactyl that I need to complete the Meltan Quest.


That quest gives me Lapras


I’m stuck on the slugma and gulpin quest.
Any help?


Slugma is kind of common when there is no event going on, while Gulpin is uncommon. Any quest reward them?


Slugma used to be common for me.


Yeah, along with Numel.


Slugma, Gulpin, Numel and Wurmple is very common here now in our place, more common than Rattata and Pidgey. I just catch 2 out of 3 wurmple that pop out right while I was walking an hour ago.


I see Gulpin all the time. Slugma not so much.


@Pokemon, @bobbyjack8 has opposite spawn than us on these two


Had an anorith spawn on my house this morning. was the last one i needed so quest is done :slight_smile:


I also need Cubone. I can’t find that quest which gives it.


The quest “Use 5 Razz berries to help catch Pokemon” seem rare. So far just one. And I’m spinning a lot.


The quest that gives form 5 (if I remember correctly that is the form released this month) Spinda is much more rarer than the Cubone quest, I have not found that Spinda quest this month. And I’m spinning a lot.