Field Research Breakthrough Theory


So there’s running speculation amongst some of us that the more Field Research Tasks you complete in a week the better your chances at getting a high IV Pokémon in the breakthrough box. I don’t have the resources to research this, but I have been very active this particular week so I’m curious to see what I get when I complete my Field Research in 2 days. I typically do 10-15 tasks per week, 15-20 on good week(which is rare). This week I’ve done 35-40 tasks & I still have today & tomorrow to collect & complete more tasks. I don’t know if anyone has discussed this, researched it, or is in the process of figuring it out. I hope I posted this in the proper place.


I do 40-60 tasks a week and have yet to get a good IV Legendary from quests. A friend of mine does on average 2 per day and she got a perfect snow bird yesterday.

IVs are random between 10-15 for each stat just the same as egg hatches and raids.


That’s an interesting theory, Ravyn, and there does seem to be some logic to it. My own limited experience (having only completed 4 field research task sets) seems more consistent with a random-IV model (since my task frequency has varied greatly, yet all 4 of the legendaries – 3 moltres and 1 articuno – had IV over 80).


I did a quest a day all 7 days and mine is 76 iv.


I got my 3rd Articuno yesterday. Still got enough days in June for 2 more.


I know that the IVs are random. I’m simply wondering if there’s a legitimate connection between number of tasks completed & chances of a certain IV range or if it’s simply coincidence that some trainers obtain higher IV rewards when they’ve done more tasks than their usual.


No. I got a 98% last week without doing anything different. It’s all random.


It is completely random. The fact that my friend who does 1-2 a day for a perfect and and I have done 50-60 in a week and got one in the low mid 70s makes me certain.


Is it possible that the iv depends on how mamy days it took you to get the reward. If you miss a ton of days, it will reward you with a worse Pokemon?


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