Field Research - 7th Stamp Reward


How did you claim both? Like i said my special one disappeared…now your saying claimed both…idu you


Because its random between the 4


Well thats just bad on niantics end, i wanted rare candy…why did i get the bad rewards.


Because lady luck wasn’t on your side.


I have a 2 accounts logged on one after the other to claim each accounts 7 day stamp reward.


You meant 1 each. My whole arguement was the special breakthrough reward disappeared or was Moltres + pokeballs.

I only claimed 1…now both are finished. I have reward pending for tomorrow to get a new stamp.

edit- Should of been more rewards…


It was moltres+ pokeballs+XP+dust. Its just the first week rewards may differ next week or stay the same.


Hoping for Articuno since he the last Bird i need. Never even seen it before. Also rare candies.


Hopefully they do cycle all the birds this way.


Would give more reasoning to do what we already do. Plus give chances to rurual trainers and any trainer who missed old legendaries.


Yea this is a good Bandaid to help rural players not a full fix but a welcomed one


“OR” Should of been “And” for these rewards.


Maybe next time niantic will change it but am guessing they might keep it like so, kinda how like raid rewards are.


Which is next legendaries in rewards of field research?

  1. Articuno
  2. Zapdos
  3. Entei
  4. Raikou
  5. sucuin


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