Field Research - 7th Stamp Reward


Yes, Moltres + something else maybe dust or balls or a medal but yes more than just one reward.


No i had the same bug I got 2 stamps for april 1st. No timezone change.


You got 2000 stardust, 2000 XP, and 20 Pokeballs before your encounter with Moltres. What more could you want?


How greedy can you get its a free legendary that is one of the best and only for doing 7 simple task. IDK if you checked your journal but you should of gotten more then 20 pokeballs.


I Can be as greedy as i want. 20 pokeballs and 2000 dust is NOTHING for 7 day event.


I wouldn’t call anyone greedy in this game because…it’s a game. We all play different ways. The 20 Pokeballs were great for me this morning because I was out of red balls. They lasted for almost half my dog walk. Then I switched over to my daughter’s account and used all her red balls. Then after dog walk, I went out in car and restocked daughter’s and my red balls. But at same time, I know not everyone has this luxury in the middle of the week.


And a free legendary you forgot to mention that you needed.


I was really excited to get this. Groudon was my first Legendary so I don’t have any of the ones before except Lugia for obvious reasons. Hope we get a different bird or dog next week.


lol +Mew i guess too?

Moltres is good. But as it said claim rewards in two different spots it only makes sense for more than just what was recieved let it be Stardust or more Pokeballs. Not just disappear cause i claimed my Moltres.


My research screen started over again because I got Moltres. I guess I start a whole new research study tomorrow.


I save my rewards to claim next day. Hopefully next breakthrough is Articuno.


My daughter missed her stamp on the 30th but has collected each day since. I completed her task for today to get today’s stamp. Then I completed another task but have not collected reward yet. I’m going to wait until midnight to collect it to see if I can get her Moltres tonight or if not, I’ll get her Moltres in the morning.


The rewards from field do not correlate to the rewards from the 7 day box. Neither do they from special.


You get stamps for doing field research…

You get stamps daily for special research…why wouldnt stamps lead to something since you already GOT Mew.


Because the stamps have nothing to do with the tasks needed to encounter Mew. Those are just completed as you do them. The research stamps you just get 1 a day no matter how many tasks you do. Today was the first day you could get Moltres without cheating. You could get Mew as soon as the quest started as long as you completed all tasks.


Yes but they go to breakthrough and the reward showed claim for both.

You both keep loooping yourself around the fact you get Mew. I had Mew Since MONDAY. lmao Still got stamps. Both sections said reward you wouldnt see a reward for Mew cause i alrdy got him but it does say claim reward.

I guess you gotta wait till you see it cause neither of you understand and rather just pokeballs and moltres rather than get that + more.


I have not got Mew yet nor I’m I or my kids close. We still have to do a raid just to complete stage 3. I like this because we can go at our own pace. I am keeping pace with both my kids to keep it interesting, I only know about local people catching Mew is because of who I raid with.


Well i am a person with Mew and Moltres and letting everyone know its 1 reward not two. Yall acting like im asking for less im asking for MORE.

It is good we can do it at our own pace tho. I like events like this without time limits.


I have 2 account I got mew on the second day and the alt doesn’t have him I claimed both 7 stamp rewards today. 1 got the dust and xp plus rare candy the mew one. The other who doesn’t have it dust/XP and 20 pokeballs. I have the same quest as you it i got 5 pokeballs from it and when I claimed my 7 day box i got rare candy no correlation all random.


I didnt get rare candy.