Field Research - 7th Stamp Reward


Updating this because it’s been confirmed


Strange, but I have read at least in two different sites of people which have gotten in the beginning two stamps the same day… My first is from 31 of march, made in the first two hours of the quest at 30 of march, but they have not given the stamp until 31


That is true, maybe if it glitched and you got two stamps from the 30th of March you would be able to get it today. In about 4/5 hours it will be after midnight in Australia so I’m sure we won’t be long seeing a confirmed one anyway.


They probably set their phone to a different time zone


It seems to be true from the bit of research I’ve done. I think they’ve introduced it well having them at level 15. It still means catching legendaries via raids is worth doing, but still gives everyone the chance to complete their Pokedex.


Idk who but somebody has told me that’s impossible.


Doesn’t flee. The rewards probably determine by if you choose field or special i choose field and got 20 pokeballs. Moltres was in missingo form.


What do you mean by “Chose field or special”?


With the stamps you get a breakthrough and can claim your reward. Both field and special were available then when i choose field thinking ill get to choose special afterwards it was gone. So most likely if you choose special you get different rewards possibly.


Sorry I still don’t know what you mean. I haven’t gotten to my 7th stamp yet, but this video show someone collecting their reward.

You don’t get to pick a specific type of reward.


I had all stamps for both field and specials.

BOTH said claim reward.

I claimed field and got Moltres and 20 pokeballs and 2000 stardust

Special research was no longer able to be claimed for any rewards.


Wait, does special research give you a stamp? I thought it was just field



The special quest is gone because you completed it. There are no more special quests at the moment.


Think a little bit, the stamp are in no relation with the special research, only with the field research…


Stamps are for field research. The special story research for Mew is just as you complete each task. Doesn’t matter how fast or slow you do it.


you get stamps for completing stuff you did for mew… i expected two breakthroughs

edit- what you said made no sense… ONLY someone who already used the breakthrough would know whats going on…and i used mine it said claim reward for both field and special. You earn stamps for both field and special. There should of been two rewards.


There are 2 rewards. You get your 7 stamps, and you get Moltres encounter. You complete the special Mew research tasks and you get a Mew encounter. Stamps have nothing to do with Mew. I know people that got completed the tasks and got Mew on the 2nd day.


IF the stamps = \ = mew then there should of been another reward. It didnt take me every stamped day to get Mew neither.

I already had Mew.


If you already had Mew when you got your 7th research stamp, were you expecting something else besides Moltres?