Field reaserch 7th day breakthrough


I don’t have any of those 3 yet


Only have an Articuno… And some fat Snorlax.


another Snorlax that i wont power up, if dust was somehow able to be attained even easier by mass, maybe buy nah 1400 something wont be juiced to 3000


I will never power up research breakthrough Pokemon. Too much stardust, and not nearly enough candies.:hugs::hugs::money_mouth_face:


Got a 98% Snorlax, Thinking about powering update that blog.


Well how many smorlax candies and STARDUST do you have?


3 Lex (4th in progressieve) 7 candy. 265k dust :rofl:


Another Snorlax for me to slaughter by leaving in a gym. After I check his IVs of course. I’m just thankful for the candy to power up his brothers.


The 98% Snorlax will absorb the rest. :smiling_imp:


Most likely gonna save my stamps this week for august. Bye bye Snorlax




Do we even know what we are getting next? 7 Snorlax candy still seems nice.


Not right now, still a mystery


What gonna be August breakthrough box?


wondering the same


I think we’ll finally be getting the three Johto beasts, Raikou, Entei and Suicune, tying in with the release of the special quest for Celebi.

Or maybe that’s just me being hopeful. lol


That would make sense. We got Snorlax this month because the Celibi quest hadn’t started yet.


Got my last snorlax. Now Raikou.


Raikou is here! See August Research breakthrough


I’ll get mine on Friday @ midnight. Can’t wait. It will be my first Legendary Dog.