Field reaserch 7th day breakthrough


Maybe they edit it in the future, like they edited Snorlax’ feet (sorry for grammatical errors if they are here).


Got my 4th Zappados this morning. When I get my 7th stamp next time should be for Articuno.


You can’t get Zapdos as a Quest Encounter. Only from collecting the 7th Stamp. And why are you calling that ‘unfortunately’? Just curious


No :man_facepalming:t2: :man_shrugging:t2:

It’s not possible mate.


Tomorrow will be first stamp I don’t cash in because I’m waiting to get Articuno on the 1rst.


I may have substantially miscalculated my dates, and got another zapdos last night…


What a bad surprise… this morning my 7th stamp was active, I completed it and…

Zapdos appears!!!

I was shure that with 1 of June Articuno would be the result, but no.


1pm PST, so 4 pm for me to get Articuno.


later today for Articuno!


Yeah, once again I forgot this rule, that it has to be 1 PM Pacific Time Zone. Here I had to wait until 11 AM ???
(I think that’s it, it’s allways this hour when Community Day starts)


All the events start at 4 pm for me except for Community day which starts at 2. This is killing me because it has been 2 days without claiming a stamp because I’m waiting for Articuno.


Yeah, I forgot the new rule and rushed to get my Ice bird also. Well, at least I got a 91% Zapdos to go with my 93%. The others were mid-70’s :stuck_out_tongue::disappointed:


At least I’m not the only one, who has fallen in the trap… :joy::joy::joy:

Well, we have to wait 7 days more, and then we get our Articuno as the others…


Got 10 minutes to go for Articuno I hope.


On Sunday for me


Got a 98% Snorlax the 16th. Hope next month is more exiting than Snorlax.


Please let them bring back the Beasts, I’ve only got one midrange Entei.


No Entei or Raikou for me, one Suicune


I have entei but no raikou or suicune. Still need them in the research breakthrough …


I only missed out on Suicune, fortunately…