Field reaserch 7th day breakthrough


Post and dicusss Zapdos breakthrough.

Todays first day to get it. Did you get yours?


getting mine on thursday


I get mine on Thursday also. Getting 6th stamp at midnight tonight.


I saved mine, so i could get Zapdos first day.


I might do that next month just to get 5 Articunos just because I’m Mystic. But 4 Moltres and 4 Zapados are plenty for me.


I dont have Articuno will be doing this again. Didnt really need Moltres or Zapdos but i don’t have Articuno.


I’m on Friday here uk


Can’t wait. Get Zapados at midnight tonight.


I simply see no point to getting it a day early, other than going through the hassle of fiddling with my mobiles’ timezones to risk a (temp)ban for breaking the TOS. So, I’ll get it after midnight. Or tomorrow morning, not much of a difference.


I won’t change my time zones. Thought about doing it on Saturdays during raids knowing I won’t raid again until Wednesday or Thursday because of my work schedule, but since I raid with my kids, they are usually bored after 2 raids so I don’t worry about it. Still trying to finish 10 raids for Mew quest. I know I could have done it a lot earlier, but using this as excuse to do 10 legit Legendary raids.


I didnt change timezone. i simply didnt get stamps till day of Zapdos.


Got my Zapados last night. My son gets him tonight and my daughter gets him tomorrow. Make sure to pinap it. Got him on 4th throw.

Just got minecraft 1381 cp**strong text**


I have taken a look to some websites and something strange is there.
In any places the “normal” Zapdos has yellow feet, and the “shiny” version has the feet more orange.

And taking a look on my caught Zapdos and the screenshot of @5GodLink, both have this orange feet, but the app doesn’t mark it with the three stars of a shiny…

Anybody knows what is the reason? Are the websites confused and in reality the yellow-feet version is the shiny one?



It’s suppose to be shiny? oh wow


Yeah, that’s something people noticed when Zapdos was first dropped, it was speculated that Niantic used the wrong sprite for zapdos.


Aah, so it’s a Shiny which is not a Shiny?


More rare than a real shiny.


Niantic, being the idiots they are, simply used the wrong sprite
All “non-shiny” Zapdos use the actual shiny sprite and vice versa


Hihi, so we have to find the non-shiny Shiny… :roll_eyes: