Febas evolution screw up?


Hey, I was walking with Febas and got to 19.8 km and 79 candy. At the end of the walk I was over 20km (20.4km). I assumed I could now evolve Febas but when I went to evolve it it said I had only 29 Febas candy and could not evolve it. What happened? I am kind of fed up with this evolution and I feel that the game ripped me off of 50 candies that I had earned. Any ideas? Thanks.


Check it again, I’m sure it did evolve, but with some errors.


I’ve had that happen with Gallade. It’s a server error and can often be fixed with a reboot of the app. When I did, the evolution was there.


Does Feebas evolve for 50 candies now, or still 100?


I’m sure it’s still 100.


Definately still is 100 candy…if you restart your game, u shouldnt have any more issues


So the attempt to evolve should have failed (having only 79 candies at the time), but that failure should not have been penalized by the loss of 50 candies. If restarting the game didn’t restore the candies lost, that should warrant a bug report.


@honuswag check again, I don’t think you actually lost those 50 candies. I guess that you read it wrong.


Nope. Rebooted a ton of times and still have walked way over 20 km while having only 24 febas candy (thought it was 29 originally, oops) Like I said the candy was up to 79 just prior to reaching 20k and after 20k it was down to
24. Makes no sense I know but that is what happened. Still shows that I have not evolved febas.


That sucks.
Seems like the only thing you do is report a bug so others don’t have the issue