Feb. Cd announced


Yeah, it’s going to take awhile to get to Ultra Friends, but once we do that, Best Friends should be easy because we can fight once a day.


Yeah, just want to make sure we will battle within the CD hours to get the 5 guaranteed Sinnoh Stone


Don’t count on me. I can only fight @5GodLink, @Pokemon, and @Cup on this site. Most of my battles are off local Discord. Giving gifts takes long time because I have to cycle through 200 friends. You and @Jormdeworm are the ones I’m working on now.


I don’t mind to battle more even after I get the daily rewards


I called this like 2-3 months ago. Just like with the December community day(s). I am Nostradamus reincarnate when it comes to Pokemon Go. I’m all set. Got 3 maxed out 100% IV Piloswines, one 98%, 96% and Swinubs with 98,96,93 IVs…I got basically two teams of good IVs already lol. Looking forward to my 4th 100% one though.


The difference between you and Nostradamus is that the latter was actually always wrong. XD


Need more stones… got just 5.
Time fore more battles…


I only got 4 saved up, but now my son wants to start fighting me more often, so I’m sure my total will grow.