Feb. Cd announced


Feb. CD Day has been announced, its Swinub and when you evolve it with a Sinnoh stone into mammoswine it gets a currently unannounced special move. What are your thoughts on this?



Awesome, i hope Rayquaza comes after this one. Then ill have enough ICE attackers to duo it :stuck_out_tongue:


Right! Now I’m regretting using my last sinnoh stone to evolve my electabuzz into a 2nd electrivire


I have a 93 IV Piloswine (Lucky with 15 attack), a normal Piloswine (15 attack 93 IV), and a good swinub to evolve.


I don’t think we will be seeing Rayquaza for a while still (probably not for at least two or three more months) but having Mamoswine ready for when it does arrive will be very welcome. My perfect Piloswine is already leveled up, so it just needs to get the evolution on CD and it’s good to go.


I like how they are giving us enough notice for us to start farming stones


That and they’re giving us extra opportunities to get at least one, although I can’t say for sure we will get 5 guaranteed for Community Day, but that does seem to sound it does. That would be boss.


Id probably want to get 2 or 3…only one shiny tho


Not to mention the time you get to catch and trade a few Swinub in advance AND to actually plan your weekend.
They should give longer notice for more events.


Honestly, I think that this is the best event so far


Which one is from me? Lol


I’m prepared…


I haven’t even gotten so many Stones in total😂


I was surprised to read about Swinub for CD, because that was probably the most unexpected one. But you know… I like it! Niantic keeps surprising us (though, not all surprises must be good ones…see Feebas day…)
We are finally getting Mamoswine, even in its shiny form!
Introducing the new evolution through a Community Day is a nice idea (does this mean, we will get Gallade… i.e. a Ralts CD like this, too? Maybe in April?).
I have already stockpiled candy (>1000), I have some spare Sinnoh stones, some decent Piloswine… I’m ready.
I know people are waiting for Bagon and Ralts, but they will come for sure.


It was a pleasant surprise. Plus it “threw” the CD pattern off a bit. I could see them doing ralts with Gallade as a CD day. They could also do the remaining sinnoh evolutions (minus glaceon and leafeon) as CD days


I hope it’s only a problem of translation, but in the spanish announcement they say that you will ONLY receive the special move, if it is the first time you use a Sinnoh-Stone…


Sitting on 12 Sinnoh Stones. I’m ready. :smiley:


The english version says:

For the first time, use a Sinnoh Stone to evolve Piloswine during or up to one hour after the event to obtain a Mamoswine that knows a special move.

So im not sure if they mean “first time you have to use a Sinnoh Stone during CD” or “first time to get Mamoswine”. But either way, i think its a translation problem yes.


I hope your right, if not it would be a real smash to all people who are playing frecuently.


The lucky :wink: