Favourite Shiny From Community Day


Which Shiny that has appeared in Community Day was your favourite?


  • Pikachu (January)
  • Dratini (February)
  • Bulbasaur (March)
  • Mareep (April)
  • Charmander (May)
  • Larivitar (June)
  • Squirtle (July)
  • Eevee (August)
  • Chikorita (September)
  • Beldum (October)
  • Cyndaquil (November)
  • Totodile(January)

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Mareep the electric sheep.


Must of been tied with my least favourite, i didn’t even do it out of spite. lol🤦🏽‍♂️


I didn’t do it but I was at a funeral rip.


Larvitar, because I ended up with a 96% Shiny with Smack Down.


I liked all the ones that I could do. Sunday ones were mostly over by the time I was free to play.

I wish all the CDs could be like the Eevee weekend, which would permit people to play on Saturday OR Sunday (or both, for people who have no weekend religious obligations that conflict with the schedule).


Community Weekends were the best.


Metagross has been favorite so far.


Beldum all the way so far, the look and meta changing




In german mareep is voltilamm lol
Volt and lamm(=lamb)


Cynda is my fav shiny and it is also one of the cds I missed


Lambs won football game last night.


I missed CD today :sweat:


You didn’t miss much. Feraligator doesn’t really do much in game compared to other monsters. You will get chance in December when they redo all CD monsters again.