Favorite Pokemon character


Who is your favorite pokemon character?

I like Gary, and Lance.

Gary seemed to be born to be a good trainer always being a few steps ahead of Ash.

Lance because he is a master dragon trainer, who seemed to be the law at the time.

Who do you like? Should they get a cameo in PokemonGo? Do you deserve a rival?


I love Cilan and May. Because “It’s evaluation time!”


Sopochles is funny


I was is even dressed as Ash on Charmander CD


gotta love that hat


Pretty much all the Champions
Blue, Lance, Steven, Wallace, Cynthia, Alder, N, Diantha


From the manga Gold, Ruby and Sapphire.

From the anime I guess Steven


I like Bonnie because she likes an awesome pokemon, Dedenne, and is the same age as me when I got my first Pokemon game.




DEDENNE!! @Ryan21


@Pokemon dedenne is a cool Pokémon. Haven’t had one on my team on the main games though, I will one day lol


So cute, stronger than pika, and the fact that is likes berries is a plus :smiley:


I could do that for each generation:

RBY: Blue/Green
GSC: Lance and Silver
RSE: Steven (Wally for the remakes)
DPPt: Cynthia
BW: N and Ghetsis
XY: Professor Sycamore
SM: Professor Kukui, Lillie and Gusma

Don’t ask me to pick my all time favorite because I can’t really decide. :sweat_smile:


Brok. He’s so chill.


That dude with a cap I think his name is Ash he is dope he took out Mewtwo with a Pikachu


Your a pikachu/ash fan xD


Took out Mewtwo? You mean Red right


I am not kidding
I was dressed as Ash on Charmander CD


I think you mean dressed up as ash
Disguised means something else xD


Yes dressed