Failed to evolve Umbreon


I don’t think resetting the name back to Eevee would reset the distance walked. You may refer to my post above on how to get Umbreon and Espeon without name trick.


Another interesting question: If you have NEVER evolved an Eevee and you caught a Vaporeon, will the name trick ‘Rainer’ still work?


I did this. I caught a wild vaporeon before I had enough candy to evolve eevee, and then did the naming trick on all three of them. It worked at least for me.


Ah the Espeon/Umbreon evolution fun (says the barely out of the newbie stage guy over here).

For the purposes of the Celebi Quest, there’s two tasks that are being checked off for each of these evolutions, 1) Earn 2 candies walking an Eevee as your buddy (that’s 5km per candy, so 10km in total) & 2) Evolve that buddy Eevee into Espeon during the daytime (or into Umbreon during the night time)

Now it is possible to pre-walk up to about 4.9km of the first 5km before you’ve got to that stage of the quest that has that “walk 10km & earn 2 candies” task in it, that way you only end up walking 5km + the small remainder of the other 5km when your task is “live” … This is easier to do leading into the Espeon walk/evolve stage, but can be done for the Umbreon stage too, you just have to be careful not to do what I did & start walking the 2nd Eevee too early (I was lagging behind on my send 20 gifts task & my Umbreon Eevee ended up walking over 5km before my “walk Eevee 10km for 2 candies” task went “live”).

Errr that was wordy as f*** … Sorry 'bout that


Also, do not trade an eevee that has been walked 10KM because it will lose it’s distance walked. oops


it should…
because controlled evolution for evee in gen 1 can only be done once!..


Thanks for the answers and insights. Unfortunately every answer begot two or three more questions… Having to make decisions without knowing what side effects the choices will have is one of my pet peeves, and I’ve already wasted too much of everybody’s time on this.


8hrs over 3 days of Lure Time and a few Eevee caught on the account to test if it’s 1 or 2 for the name trick. Sadly all the CP’s were well below the level I’m prepared to waste the Candy on.
Hopefully I can get them before I have to do the walk trick for the quest.


Ok, finally got 2 to do and can confirm the name trick is only good for 1 Evolution.