Failed to evolve Umbreon


I walked 10k with an eevee, named it Tamao and evolved it at night. Now I have a Jolteon called Tamao, and I am no closer to a Celebi. What went wrong?


You dont need to name it Tamao. You have to keep it as your buddy when you evolve it.


Did you evolve it while it was still your buddy? You shouldn’t have to name it anything. As long as you collect 2 candies with it as your buddy and evolve it while it’s still your buddy at nighttime, you should have your Umbreon. I ended up having to walk my Eevee 14 km because I had to wait until night to evolve it.


My son’s scout leader had same issue. She thought she could do name trick to get her Espeon. I’m like nope. Be prepared to walk at least 20km to get both.


every failed eevee evolve has the same cause: not buddied at the time of evolving.
This is very likely to be the case here aswell, 99% sure of it.


I had same issue last summer when I was creating team of Espeons and Umbreons. Somewhere along the line I did something wrong and got an extra Flareon or Jolteon.


One thing i noted about my quest task was that my quest window showed a completion status even before the evolution was completed.


Did you get it on next try or not?


Great, thanks y’all! I’ll keep it as my buddy and try again.


Was it a continuous 10 km? If you did 3 km walked something else and then did 7 km it will not work.


It was continuous, but I had changed buddy before evolving.


Need to walk 10km AND earn two Eevee candy AND evolve while it being buddy at nighttime in game with GPS on to get Umbreon if nametrick has been used.

To get Espeon, the difference from above is evolve at daytime in game.


If the game turns to nightime at 7:30 pm, or 19:30 for the Dutch players out there, I would wait another hour or to, to ensure it.


May evolve it before you go to bed, to ensure it.


Did you use that name trick before


The old Evolve Eevee myths.

If you’ve never Evolved an Umbreon or Espeon on your account the naming trick will work for 1 evolution each. (test to be done by myself on a Family members account that doesn’t have either to see if it’s 2)
After that you must set the Eevee you would like to evolve as your Buddy.
Walk that Eeevee a minimum of 10km.
For Espeon the evolution must be during day time. Must be Day Time in Game.
The evolution must be done while the Eevee is still your Buddy
For Umbreon the evolution must be during night time. Must be Night Time in Game.
Again the evolution be be done while Eevee is still your Buddy.

No need to rename when doing the walking trick
The walking trick can be done as many times as you like.


2?? I thought 1.


Error, I guess, right? @Robdebobrob


I was fairly confident it was 2 at the beginning, got me wondering now.
What I can do is put it to the test as one of the Kids accounts has not evolved either one yet. They aren’t up to the walk task. Just need to find a couple of high CP Eevee I would normally throw away and try the rename twice. 50 Candy is a small price for the test.

I will edit my post ^ back to 1 for now so not to miss lead anyone for now.


I’ve walked a shiny Eevee buddy about 7km.

I hadn’t used the name trick yet for this trainer and thought I had to for the first evolve to get Umbreon. Will renaming it back to “Eevee” reset the walked distance? Has anybody tried it?