Exclusive Pokemon (Gen 1-3)


As gen 3 has a significant increase on the amount of exclusive Pokemon, I’m here to list out all exclusive Pokemon which has been confirmed from gen 1 to gen 3. (Total: 19)

Farfetche’d (Gen 1, NE Asia)
Kangaskhan (Gen 1, Australia)
Mr. Mime (Gen 1, Europe)
Tauros (Gen 1, N America)
Heracross (Gen 2, S America)
Corsola (Gen 2, Tropical region)
Plusle/Minun (Gen 3, Regional)
Volbeat/Illumise (Gen 3, Rotational)
Zangoose/Seviper (Gen 3, Rotational)
Torkoal (Gen 3, SW Asia)
Tropius (Gen 3, Africa)
Relicanth (Gen 3, New Zealand)

Mawile (Gen 3, lv 2)
Absol (Gen 3, lv 4)

Time-exclusive (Regional basis):
Solrock/Lunatone (Gen 3)

It’s advisable to attach the list of Regional-exclusive Pokemon with a worldwide map.

Attached notes:


I think Torkoal is exclusive to India and southeast Asia. Southwest Asia would imply that it is in the Middle East which I don’t think it is.


Solrock and Lunatone are regional exclusives, not time exclusives


I hate the idea of regionals. I feel like they could have been made really cool if it was province/state/constituent country/county/council based. A simple trip to england or wales is many times easier than a “simple” trip to Australia. Its still a long way away, so maybe counties/councils would be a better idea. For example if i lived near a council boundary i could walk to the boundary and cross it. Then on the other side i would see a different regional. I know niantic would almost certainly never implement this.


Or instead of regionals only spawning in that specific region have it more common in the region and just super rare out of the region.


Or maybe only in eggs


God no, I still dont have Azurill


I still dont have togepi. 3 igglybuff and 5 pichu(3 with hat)


There are always two sides to the coin. With the introduction of Safari Zone events, Europe was flooded (albeit in specific locations, announced in a timely manner in order for people to be able to get to the locations) with Kangaskhan and Unown.
It should be noted that we have not had a safari zone style event here either (maybe this will happen at some point once we get sponsored stops & gyms here, plus I’d like a few more Unown) - I went to Wales to catch my Mr Mime & also planned to get a Farfetch’d from Japan until the world event was held in November last year.
By the same token, it’s easier for us Aussies to take a simple trip over the ditch to New Zealand to get Relicanth than to head to Europe or the Americas for Mr Mime, Tauros or Heracross.
The idea of “localised” spawns (like nests) is an interesting one & feasible because Niantic have the mechanics to spawn them as in/frequently as they want and also the ability to place / rotate them in any of the current nests worldwide.
I think however that Niantic is focused on other aspects of the game and content currently. It’s a great idea though!