Excellent throw as quest


Hi everyone

The first field research I got was “Land three excellent throws in a row,” and the reward is a pokemon appearing. I still have it as my first slot.
Now I am pretty good at excellent throws, but the most I’ve gotten is two in a row. I think that it could take awhile. And in this race for stamps to see if the second breakthrough is also Moltres, I’ve been tempted to delete it and replace it with an everyday easy one.
Has anyone completed that task and if so, is the reward good? I don’t want to spend a month on the darn thing and have it spawn an Eevee.
Do you think I should keep on spending time on it, or should I move on?
Also It seems like a rare task, so if the reward is something good, I might nit see it again.
This is my dilemma. What do you think?


The reward is Larvitar


Maybe I should get rid of it then…
Did you complete it too?


No I just checked this https://pokemongohub.net/post/guide/field-research-missions-list/


Oh thanks. Any opinion though?


I think it’s hard but it’s good if you don’t see many Larvitar


Good article on which Pokémon are easy to hit Excellents on https://www.google.com/amp/s/gamerant.com/pokemon-go-excellent-throw/amp/
TLDR: Big pokemon are easy to hit excellents on, round Pokémon are easy to hit them on too


Me personally, the common mons that are easy to get excellent throws on are sentret, wailmer, spheal and numel


Find a wailmer nest


Yes, yes… I have my own list (Tauros, Wailmer, Jynx, and Illumise) that I target. But mostly it’s just bad luck, for instance excellent, excellent, great and so on.
Thank you all!


I just completed “battle in 5 raids” and my encounter was Typhlosion (ended up being a 98% IV!).
But excellent throws can be done on any legendary raid if you use the set circle trick & the boss pops out of a few of them.
Not sure if it counts if the bow runs though… :flushed:


It still counts when the boss runs. And, if you make multiple excelent throws against a single raidboss, who keeps breaking out of the ball, they’ll all count (useful in case you need to make 5 excelent throws), no matter whether you eventually catch the boss or see it flee.

I generally discard the “make X Excelent Throws in a ROW” quests though. I know I’m never going to manage that, and I won’t even bother.


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