Ex wave! 6-8/11


Share your ex passes


My gyms had raids on when the invite were sent. Now i feel the pain. Niantic can’t even schedule properly. :frowning_face:

I swear was suppose to come out last week thursday…there were no raids at any of my ex spots last week friday… :no_entry_sign::confounded:


Right on schedule like they were supposed to :wink:


lies how my gyms have raid and last week didnt. Clearly messed up. Two spots across the city and 5 in between. LOL.

Maybe my schedule is just different… maybe tomorrow? :man_shrugging:t5: take a month off and fall off wow. :billed_cap:

edit - just raided a Ex/ sponser gym that i usually get ex from, and many other ex gyms have raids. Tbh all had raids today.


Another Ex Pass and another unsuitable time I can’t make. I keep getting Midday ones when I’m on Dayshift and late afternoon ones when I’m Afternoon Shift.
4 Passes and yet to be able to do one. Looks like I’m waiting another month before they get to weekends at this rate.