Ex Raid wave Aug 18


Just your highest CP mons, but not weak to Mewtwo’s move sets. There will be others to carry the raid. defeating it is not difficult. Should focus more on capturing it, be patient,. wait for its attack then throw curve on it and best of luck.




If there are others, you will be fine. Just use whatever pokemon are supereffective.


Hello I’m new to the ex raids and I’m having some trouble understanding how I can acquire one, need help please.


There are some gyms that can give Ex Pass those are sponsered or in Parks.

Once you raid during a set week you may have a chance to get a Ex Pass. They are sort of dificult to get ahold of. I believe only 40 get sent out a week.

Once you raided you wont know untill the Ex pass is given out if you recieved one. Best bet is to try an find out which gym give out a ex pass for it’s raid and make it your go to spot. Even if you don’t raid with others aslong as it’s an ex spot it gives you a chance.

For ex at an Ex gym raid. Magikarp might not be very desirable but if you solo it you could get an ex pass an be grouped with the other 39 trainers.

It’s a luck of the draw, honestly.


No new EX pass for me since the 31st March pass.


Any recommendations regarding how to find which are ex eligible?


There are guids from GO hub


You’ll need to ask around in your playing community which Gyms are getting Ex Raids.


Now thats the hard part.


But you can look on discord or https://www.pokemongomap.info/ an awesome website than show you stops and gyms anywhere, S2 cells (do not really know what those are :sweat_smile:) , and parks. It will also tell you if the gym is sponsored or not if you click or tap on it.


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