Ex Raid wave Aug 18


A new week, a new wave of ex went out today. Good luck to all who recieved one. I have tomorrow and 1 for Aug 18th.


Good luck on catching it and may your IVs be high, @5GodLink


Good luck bro


Hey bro good luck on catching pidgey they might just peck your ball and run that what mine do but oh well.




I didnt do any raid this week


I got an invite for the 19th


Got one!


Got none


I did everything but still no pass…


Got one to today! I kinda hate these passes on bussiness days, because I always have to dissapear a little longer during my lunch break.


Haha good luck!


Update: Got a 73% Mewtwo, 10/11/12. My worst!




Not sure, he’s weather boosted. A fairly high 2.7k CP, with Psycho Cut/Focus Blast. Maybe I’ll use him to clear some Snorlaxes around.


Ya it will smash them hard.


I’ve only gotten one e x pass trying to get one more didn’t get my Mewtwo last time


Missed out this wave. First week I haven’t received and Ex Pass for a very long time.
It’s looking like we got clock blocked for this one as a quick check of those we know Raided the target Gym suggests we had the numbers of unique accounts to trigger a Ex Pass.
The Passes this round went out a bit over 2hrs later than when we normally see them. Our target Gym had an Egg on it when the Passes went out.


Oh. :sob:. Maybe next week you will get that 15 attack cat you dream of. Until then, be happy with your 100 IV meowth :joy:. Do you have one?


Hello. I’m level 24 and I only have a few +2000 Pokémon (and none of the suggested attackers I’ve seen online). Do I have a legitimate shot at catching Mewtwo? I’ve only raided solo and nothing higher than a 2*. I’d need to call in a favor to make my ex timeslot, and what I’ve read makes me a little pessimistic. Thanks for the advice.