EX Raid Passes - hidden factors in the distribution?


I want to do some research into EX Raid pass allocation. I think there is an element that factors into the current invites. Based on reports I have read it seems like you have to Raid at a gym and successfully beat the raid boss and catch it in order to quality. If you have received and EX Raid Pass can you confirm these details?

I know my wife and I had a situation like this where the only difference was she caught the Pokémon and I did not, and I read a few other reports stating they had raided at a location and caught a Pokémon from the raid.


Well, i done quiet sometime ago Entei raid, and well, i didn’t caught him [*], but few weeks later i received one from that raid. Unfortunately i had to sit in school like probaly most other players, so i didn’t have chance to fight him.


Since his release date I have done 19 Groudon raids, the first day I missed the first 2, caught one and missed the last, since then I have sucessfully caught 15 in a row from multiple gyms (some that have distributed the most recent pass) and have not received one pass. Now last year I had attended 2 ex raids at a sprint store and caught both Mewtwos (10/27 and 11/3) and I am level 39.


Have only done the one EX raid but normally catch all of the raid bosses I tackle (can’t remember which raid I did to trigger the EX raid pass). I have done a Groudon raid at a known EX raid location today but it fled from me so I will report back if I’m lucky enough to be invited to an EX raid at that gym in the future.


I need hard confirmation on whether or not a raid was done at the EX Location and positive confirmation of whether or not you caught the raid boss.


I have received three EX Raid Pass in three Gym where I only did one Groudon raid per Gym, except one of them where I did a Scyther and succesfully caught them all


My local group is starting to track catching the raid boss now. I know that me and 2 fellow trainers did a Tentacruel together a day or two before the 1/24 passes went out. We all caught the Tentacruel and we all got passes. I did other raids at the gym, they did no other raids there during the window.


CMyself and a close friend got an Ex Raid pass for the same Gym Date and Time.
We did not do the same Raid(s). She also used our other close friends acct as they are in hospital having major surgery atm for the same Raid and also got the Ex Pass. Confirmed recently from her that both acts did not catch the Kyorge.
The only Raid She did on this Gym was Sunday Jan 14 at around 10am for a Kyogre with around 30-40 other people.
The only time I have Raided this Gym was Sat Jan 13 around 3-4pm for either a Magikarp or Wailmer (cant remember which). I raided it on 2 accounts Solo Private Battle. Both were caught on all accounts.
The second time was Sun Jan 14 around 2pm for a Wartorle. This was also done Solo Private battle on all four of the Families accounts 2 at a time. In the time I did that I saw around 20 people come and go and Raid that Gym.

I know of a fellow Mytic trainer that also got the same Ex Raid that his only Raid on that Gym was for a Snorlax on Fri 12th around 4:30. He caught the Snorlax.

In Summary.
Fri Snorlax Caught
Sat Wailmer Caught
Sun Wortorle Caught
Sun Kyorge NOT Caught x2

@Thorend just updated this with confirmed cases of Raid Boss not being caught an Ex Pass still issued x2.


More confirmed cases of not catching the Raid Boss to get an Ex Raid Pass.
Same close friend only Raided once with Son and our friend who’s still in hospital accounts. All 3 newer caught Kyogre and all 3 got an Ex Raid Pass.

I can’t verify anything from the families accounts as the Wife’s, My Daughter’s and Mine did 7 Raids on the Gym over the week that My Wife and Daughter got the Ex Passes for. We had a mix of catch and run across all of them.
I’ve missed out again.


Yeah that theory is busted already im afraid in my city alone :wink:


Back with an unique case from our data for the 1/31 passes.

We have a father/son that did the same 3 or 4 raids together (don’t have the number in front of me). The son (lvl25ish Valor) caught either 1 or 2 of the raid bosses, dad (lvl31 Mystic and been playing much longer) took a big fat 0 on catches. BOTH received passes for the local 1/31 EX raid.