Ex raid - Jan 19


Almost thought i missed it! even tho i saw no gyms with raids. I guess paitence is a vertue when it comes to ex pass.

I am holding 2 right now.

  • Got it
  • Dont
  • Maybe a friend will invite me
  • I dont care for deoxy lol

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Got one for the 20… inside the Feebas event.


Why did someone answer dont care for deoxys?
I guess he will be a nice great leage glass cannon(you can better say a feather cannon but still)


I don’t care because I’ll never get a Deoxys.




Count me in…


Got one, can’t make it and don’t care.


:cry: you get so many, but never can make it. Something about the Ex raids should be changed so people who can’t make it, still get the chance to battle the raid.


This ones just bad luck as I have a Golf game on the opposite side of the City. If it had been on my side I’d make it in time.
Just glad it’s only a collector and not something useful.
I’ve missed more Deoxys than I’ve been able to do.


Agreed. From all the five (I guess) EX Passes I’ve ever got I haven’t used a single one because I wasn’t able to raid it everytime. That is why I do not care for Deoxys anymore. I don’t want Deoxys to ruin the fun to play this game for me, so I told myself that I want my Pokédex with or witout Deoxys.


Ex raids levels should be determined by how many people in the room.

Time for a new idea.


I didn’t get one the last couple weeks because my raid momentum died while I was out for a week with a fractured rib. Trying to build it back up.


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