EX Pass 16 October and 15 October



I got one and I’m hoping like hell it gets cancelled so I can get some free passes. Another mid week midday time I can’t attend.


Jup got it aswell. 11:00 after last night shift. Will be a bit tired but i can make it so im happy :slight_smile:


Got one too, wont be able to attend it in person though, will have to let a friend go for me


Oss is where @Robdebobrob lives right?

I got one as well


Someone from our raid group (with two accounts) invited my husband and me, so this time we’ll have a go at Deoxys, too :grin:


@Robdebobrob is from Breda IIRC. I’m from Oss and live like 2km away from @Kevin_v_Hoften


Got messed up with locations :joy:


IIRC? Also where do you get your info on my location?


If I Remember Correct

A long time ago, in a galaxy far away (i think it was the dutch topic) this was mentioned once. It stuck with me.


Hah youre right. Its not the dutch topic but i did say it in a different one. Already forgot about that :stuck_out_tongue:


do you know where I live @Punica


you’ve mentioned it several times somewhere but i don’t care so don’t remember :smile: