Evolutions - moveset before and after


Has anyone every evolved a Pokémon where they get the same moves as the previous evolution? What I mean is something like a Wartortle with water gun/hydropump evolving into a Blastoise with water gun/Hydropump? I have never successfully got the same moveset after an evolution.


Nope, it’s actually well researched that moves are random on evolution


I have a lot of times all my blisseys have had the same as chansey I know it’s random but happens to me now with blastois I only have did it 1 time the wg hp moveset the rest got bite or ice beam I kinda stopped watching for this when it was known that it’s random .


I’ve always wondered if it’s a male mon and your are a male trainer if it’s more likely to have similar moves. Same with female mon./female trainer. When I evolve the opposite the moves seem more random. Just a thought tho…


Since attacking movesets are wildly random,sometimes it makes you wonder whether should you evolve your pokemon or not.Especially those with good IV.
Got experienced what that.


I have for the first time watched a graveler evolve to golem and keep the same moves. I hope eventually they give us a way to train Pokémon to learn different moves so we get a good IV Pokémon we will know it can be useful.


Yeah, it’s all random so I suppose repeaters are on the die roll.

Also, Niantic could make a flat out killing if they sold tms in the shop. A killing.