Event Pikachu change up


Hi guys, first post so please play nice. I have been playing pretty much since the game came out and have enjoyed the different event pichu/pikachu. However, I would love to see something different coming in. With the Halloween event out now we once again have witches hat pikachu. This is cool for newer players but a lot of us older players already have this. Santa hat pikachu has been a thing two years running and will most likely appear again this year. Would that Niantic change it up every year because really, why catch Santa hat pikachu if you have one from 2016? Or how many witches hat pikachu does one need? I (and quite a few others I have spoken with) would love to see a Jason Voorhees masked Pikachu. Why not an elves hat for Christmas this year? Just a thought, because other than catching pikachu for my gold badge I have no interest in this events pikachu. Cheers guys :slight_smile:


Wait what


Sounds like a good idea, but only… I JUST NEED NEW SLOTS🤧
However, I like the idea.
And for the newer players, Niantic could re-release the old one as well.


Thanks @Jormdeworm. Yeah, extra slots would be great lol :grin: but yeah, if you have all the current hats why would you bother except for shiny checking


Thanks @Ruddsy1978 for info


I am only shiny checking them to be honest. They are hard to catch as well. Sometimes I catch them for the ‘Pikachu Fan’ medal, but that’s it I guess…


Yeah. I only have to catch 90 more for my gold and I click on them only to see if they’re shiny too


the problem with this is that old players want more variants and newer players want to older ones they missed.

releasing 2 variants in 1 event would be stupid so one party here is just not gonna get what they want, this being the old players wanting new variants.

I myself am happy with this. Events like this already have many shiny checks to be done and many chaches to be made. Now i can just shiny check witch hat pikachu and skip catching, giving me more time to check other pokemon


I agree but respectfully disagree too @Punica . Before gen4s release I had nothing to catch. Now, I have most of the gen4 they’ve released so I feel you need to prioritise us older players as we’re the ones who have stuck around and more than likely (certainly myself) have spent real money on this. Thanks for your input man :sunglasses:


i totally agree on that Niantic should ‘reward’ us older players more. I’ve been more then vocal on this forum how much i hate seeing the noobs / newbies get a pokedex entry on a shiny, which i’ve seen more then is healthy (at least 3 times on legendary bosses already), or level 29 casual players getting a 100% legendary which i never even see, let alone catch (also too often seen) . I really feel the hardcore / long term players get shafted on too many things in the game.
And from allt he things i really want for us older players, hatted pikachu on at the bottom of my list.

I too live in a world where i’ve caught everything i wanted, besides several shinies. So my daily rounds involve raiding, gymming (mostly just adding and not battling for time management) and shiny checking. Having to hunt for some new hatted pickachu, how easy it may be during these events, is not my prio


I think a hockey masked Pikachu would be awesome.


Jason Pickachu, I like it.


I dont like any kind of “hatted” pikachu. Its to much work transfering them 1 by 1 since you cant mass select them. Got my golden pikachu badge a while back. Now i only shiny check them and dont catch if they arent, and i scream at my GOplus when it catches them :stuck_out_tongue:


LOL LOL :rofl::joy:


Yeah, agreed mate. I can’t capture wild shinys to save myself. And yet both my kids and a lot of friends who have started playing playing are catching a huge amount of them!! Super annoying!! Hope they bring out pvp soon, need some inspiration


Honestly with trading in place niantic doesnt have/need to bring back anything. It may be difficult (at times nearly impossible), but its still a way to do and you can work on it for unlimited time, then there are bloody hoarders who constantly complain about full storage (something’s somehow telling me that they have at least few extra copies of every hatted pikachu/raichu). So at the end of a day new players are not left behind and are being able to collect full collection and it would “motyvate” (if thats even possible atm) harder players to invest a bit more.


@Kingstony agreed. With trading in place I feel we should be moving forward instead of bringing back the same old event pokemon. And most of the more senior players will have hoarded event pikachu knowing trading would come into effect. So now I can just throw all my extra halloween ones out. Bring in something different every year and it gives us something to look forward to :slight_smile:


True, I understand the date factor for collectable pokemon but if you didnt catch yourself that wouldnt add any value really since they look exactly the same and wouldnt even be in correct order sorting by Recent