Eggs hatching eggs 😡


I live In South Africa and I find it really hard to Hatch eggs as we cant just walk around in the roads. Can any one help or give any ideas on how else I can hatch them eggs



Dangerous: Tape it onto a celing fan with game on

Restricted: Become a spoofer

Normal: Drive around slowly.


Can you drive around there?


Lol yes we can drive but you get taxies driving like maniacs and hijackers (smash and grabers) on the loose.


:sweat_smile: Rough… In LA people walk up to your car and ask for money, then hit your car if you say no.




At least they ask nicely haha


Some do… others, no.


I wouldnt recommend the spoofer option, its against the TOS, but it is a Last Resort.


Heck no I’ll pass. Will try the driving slowly thing with pepper spray at hand lol


Good luck, may the pepper be with you.


Thanks :pray:


All good.


Find a traffic jam, just keep the game running and the phone out of sight. As long as you don’t go fast, you don’t need to click that passenger message. :blush:


One more comment here, better to drive slowly or walk in straight line instead of in circles


Does tapping on fan really work on hatching eggs? I doubt it tho


It has I think.


But the distance from point A to point B is 0 tho


True. Also, did you notice how funny the title of this is?