Egg Chart Nov 10, 2018


This is the updated egg chart feel free to use it


Can’t you also get the gen IV starters from 5km eggs as well?


look at the bottom for gen ivs


Thanks, totally missed that


Been trying to hatch Smoochun for way too long now.


You didn’t know the egg?


I knew, but I was starting to think it was removed from the pool!


:joy: glad I could help good luck hatching


Are shinies hatchable from eggs?


Yes. It’s not easy to hatch a shiny, though.


@HLAJR do you see the sparkles on some pokemon in the chart?


@bagguille is a chicken so thid chart must be amazing :sweat_smile:


Yup but I have not yet experience hatching one from an egg.

Any tips how to get one? :grin:


I haven’t gotten one either :joy:.

Some tips:

  • When a shiny in eggs comes out, try to hatch it, the rate is higher for a small time to get it and the shiny.

  • Make sure you have a egg you want, thrn hatch other eggs and keep on trying to get that egg.

  • Repeatedly hatch the same egg for multiple chances

Anyhow, its all luck in the end


I guess I will just try my luck on Lucky than Shiny, at least I will get some level of control and a much higher success rate :grin: plus it has also higher rate of a good stat than their shiny equivalent.


And half dust