Eevee quests - A Ripple In Time Quests - Celebi TIPS to know



I can help, did you make sure to evolve

At nightime?

Walked over 10k?

And the biggest of all, was it your buddy during evolution???


Yes walked over 10k as my post said I’ve done twice now so walked over 20k, evolved at night as my buddy and still it’s a vaporeon. The daytime evolution worked just fine.


Have you done it before?


Meaning did I have an Umbreon? Yes I did which is something my son said but why make it a special field research if people cannot complete it.


I have no idea… did you evolve at least 30 minutes after it turned to night-time in your game?


Yes I had actually forgot so it was two hours after dark


And yes the moon was showing in my game


Well make sure you do all the steps next time.

But what you can do is email Niantic, report the bug, and get stuff.


I did and tweeted them and Facebook messenger my Espeon evolution worked fine so this is disappointing


Thank you for helping


I don’t really know what to do about the situation besides walking an extra .3k and restarting your game before evolving to make sure it registers.

Your welcome btw.


Well my wife did 25 KM because she missed 3 candies to evolve Eevee and works for “both” day and night perfectly.

The main steps for me after all these tests and experiences with 4 friends are.
Follow these steps and you will be happy, seriously:

1- Make sure to walk 10 KM or more;
2- Make sure the daylight time to evolve in-game;
3- Make sure the eevee is still your buddy during the evolving;

The only thing I did not test was, change the buddy and later add as a buddy and evolve. If you have done it please share.

Nothing else really!


I believe this is a bug or something else that went wrong.

For me I did at midnight and works. during the day I did around 1PM. But yep works.


Do you have to walk and evolve the Eevee that appears after you complete the 3/8 tasks? Or can it be any Eevee? Just asking because the one that appeared has a very low CP. I already have Eevees with higher CP.


You can walk with any Eevee.


I want to test it after the Kanto’s event ends.
I had a really bad Eevees evolved and I want to re-do both day and night eevees again.

Please share the details with us later on.

From my point of view, it should work normally.
Also I want to test the renaming Eevee to get what I want without walk.


That’s what I saw, too. The Eevees I captured as the special research reward after stages 3 and 4 both had IV over 80, though (while most other Eevees I’ve seen, wild or hatched, had IV near or below 50). And in general my high-CP Eevees had low IV, while my high-IV Eevees had low CP. The ones from the research were the better ones, overall, it seemed.


Quest encounters mostly don’t have that low IV’s sfik.


Pokemon Caught/Hatched form Eggs, Quests and Raids will all be in either the top appraisal or second to top appraisal range. They wont have IV in the average and below range,


I had better served in my bag and used them for both parts of quest ,had. No problems